New Construction

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Ace Construction Corporation is experienced in short pipeline lays and installing complete pipeline stations. As a general contractor, they can supply every aspect of the project. Services available to Ace customers include: procurement of materials, excavation, welding, corrosion protection, hydrotesting, dirt work and grading, hauling of equipment and materials, and concrete work. Our employees have Operator Qualification and NCCER credentials. Ace’s portfolio includes projects with Rose Rock Midstream, White Cliffs, ConocoPhillips, Jayhawk Pipeline, Kansas Pipeline Company, Magellan Pipeline, and Oneok Partners.

  • Pipeline Lays: Ace can take on short pipeline lays.
  • Pump Stations: Ace can install complete pipeline stations from the ground up.
  • Civil Engineering: Can be provided upon request by third party.
  • Excavation: footings, foundations, pump bases, sump tanks, piers, piping ditches.
  • Welding: Tested under API Standard 1104 and 1107 Pipelines and related facilities.
  • Corrosion Protection: Can apply wide range of coatings to specifications.
  • Hydrostatic Testing: Ace will hydrostatically test to customer specification or a procedure can be provided, upon request.
  • Concrete: footings, foundations, pump bases, sump tanks, piers, rest blocks and thrust blocks.
  • Hauling: Equipment, Materials, Dirt and Gravel.
  • Demolition of existing structures, stations and tanks.
  • TDW STOPPLE® Tees: Ace will install the Stopple Tees then coordinate with TDW to set the Stopples.
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